Transform your business operations to maximize efficiency and create an environment  of excellence. Discover your business boundaries with us. School of Business Management, College of Business, UUM is dedicated to making a  difference for business organizations and professionals who seek to unleash their  business potentials to a higher level. We present this opportunity to all business  managers at all levels who seek to explore into the business challenges and discover the  potentials of business opportunities ahead.

We provide you our expertise, knowledge and resources designed to help your  organizations thrive. Our Research, Training & Consultation (RTC) are designed to serve  profit or non-profit organizations and business executives like you and your organization,  the skills necessary to consolidate and enhance your business and functional areas.







    • Ethical Decision Making 
    • Leadership & Strategy Implementation
    • Strategic Thinking in Organization
    • What Does Not Kill You, Make You Stronger   
    • Developing A Learning Organization
    • The power of Planning and Decision Making
    • Business Growth and Sustainability
    • Stress Management
    • 7 Strategic Steps to Develop Strategic Plan
    • 7 Strategic Steps to Develop Competitive  Action Plan
    • Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindset in A  Workplace
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Business Networking
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Business and Entrepreneurial Opportunity  Recognition
    • Creative and Entrepreneurial Thinking
    • Entrepreneur Accounting and Finance  in SMEs
    • Manager & Entrepreneur: Unleash the  Hidden Potential
    • Effective Business Plan: Considering
    • The Requirements of The Financial Institutions
    Our Expertise











    • Developing Workable Marketing Plan
    • Strategic Brand Management
    • Digital Marketing And Communication
    • Customer Service Quality Management
    • Customer Service Excellence: How To Win ?
    • Marketing For Non-Marketers
    • Islamic Branding
    • Entrepreneurial Marketing
    • Green Marketing Management
    • Internal Branding: Transforming to Brand Ambassador
    • Relationship Marketing And CSR
    • Retail Marketing


    • U R Talented
    • We Groom U Grow
    • HR Analytics
    • HR & ROI
    • Green HR
    • No ‘I’ in TEAM
    • TOT in National Human Resources  Standards (NHRS)
    • Junior Trainers
    • HRM for Non HR Managers
    • Effective Ways To Manage Gen Y Work  Force
    • Strategic Steps To Make 3 Generations 

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